Accounting and Finance for the Vineyard and Winery

Rob, a recent yet formidable addition to our team in late-2022, serves as an Outsourced Accounting Manager. He brings a robust understanding of accounting, backed by an exemplary command over U.S. His journey over the past wine accounting decade has seen him operate in the demanding realms of real estate as both a Controller and a consultant. Before this, he honed his skills in the dynamic restaurant industry, gathering invaluable experience and insights.

Accounting and Finance for the Vineyard and Winery

Tax reform, commonly referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), provides several tax-planning opportunities for wineries and vineyards. The problem is that the distributors have to report the amount of cases sold back to the winery, usually in the form of a bill-back, so the winery ends up paying the distributor. This is an issue at month-end, when the winery is closing its books, since distributors may not report back about the number of cases sold for several weeks. And if you’re trying to close the books, this means that the amount of the depletion allowance has to be accrued, and it’s pretty much a guess. And if you’re wrong on the accrual, then the adjustment falls into the next month.

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© 2024 Carpenter Box is a trading name of Carpenter Box Limited, and is a member of PrimeGlobal, a worldwide association of independent accounting firms. Knowing the COGS is essential if you want to know the gross profits you earn on different wines. You can take the price of a sold bottle and subtract the COGS to determine the gross profit you earned. Lowering your overall COGS will help increase your profit marge, but there are plenty of considerations to carrying this out successfully. Cost of goods sold (COGS) is a key metric to help evaluate your winery’s performance and its profit margins.

Accounting and Finance for the Vineyard and Winery

As the number of wineries increases, so will the demand for accountants providing assurance, tax, and other accounting-related services. This article provides an overview of some of the wine industry’s unique characteristics that create special accounting, tax, and business risk considerations. This overview is followed by several concrete examples of special accounting and tax issues that can affect wineries and vineyards, as well as fraud schemes that are present in the industry. These examples demonstrate the potential need for accounting expertise in this growing industry. With over eight years of experience in the accounting field and a solid foundation as a public notary for five years, Trysta brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique skill set to the table. With a distinguished career that spans three decades, John Benjamin brings to SD Mayer a wealth of knowledge encompassing entrepreneurship, real estate development, accounting, and management consulting.

Accounting Basics Every Business Needs to Remember

You may not even need all of these on your chart of accounts, depending on your business circumstances (for instance if you own or rent your land and buildings). For example, don’t create a “tasting room rent” expense if you are not renting tasting room space. And even different types of businesses within the same industry will have different accounts. The key is to start with a sound framework, only create the accounts you need, and then build out from there.

  • With an engineer’s precision and an analyst’s insight, Wyatt is redefining the paradigm of operations at SD Mayer.
  • Shifting to the audit and assurance department at SD Mayer is a testament to Tina’s versatility and adaptability.
  • Demonstrating not just aptitude but also a profound affinity for the firm, Raghav seamlessly transitioned from intern to a consultant with the outsourced accounting practice.
  • This overview is followed by several concrete examples of special accounting and tax issues that can affect wineries and vineyards, as well as fraud schemes that are present in the industry.
  • For example, consider a winery with inventory costs of $2 million at December 31, 2017, calculated using their old accounting method.

In contrast, management reporting analyzes department performance as well as its relationship to expenditures and returns on investment (ROI). In other words, management reports are the diagnostics on your winery’s financial health. We deliver forward-thinking business solutions, taking time to discern your unique business needs and anticipating how they may be impacted by the changing industry. We understand the operational challenges wineries face and essential success factors, such as compliance and regulatory issues, managing costs, building successful brands, and selling to consumers effectively. Deeply immersed within the wine industry, our professionals appreciate the nuances of your operations and challenges as many helped run, grow, and operate premiere wineries during their careers. How you structure your entities and the accounting methods you select fundamentally impact your tax planning.

Accounting for Vineyards and Wineries (#

His dynamic experiences have seen him delve deep into the intricacies of finance, real estate development, and hospitality services. John’s remarkable acumen in fundraising, team development, and strategy consulting positions him as a leader par excellence within our firm. Wineries are a flourishing growth opportunity for accountants who are knowledgeable about the industry and can provide valuable financial, cost, tax, and risk management guidance.

Accounting and Finance for the Vineyard and Winery

Our specialist tax advisory team can provide tailored tax planning advice to help you effectively identify, claim and maximise reliefs. The second step in wine accounting is understanding the cost of goods sold (COGS). COGS includes the cost of the grapes, the cost of production, and the cost of packaging and shipping. Many internal controls utilized in other industries to protect against and detect asset misappropriation are relevant to wineries as well.